Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Local Discovery : Teaka Marie

We all love to support our locals- it's a very popular or even trendy way of thinking right now. But it's really benefitial as well and that should be the focus. So when I discover an amazing local shop (Local as in one provice over) I get really excited about it. Recently I discovered this amazing Alberta based dress designer. Her photos are so gorgeous and that's nothing compared to the actual pieces. Hand made garmets perfect for the small town girl whether she's living in a small town or not! I'll definitely be making a purchase one of these days, summer is coming up and I'd love a flowery dress to dance around in while I sip on iced coffee under the sun. You can check out her shop here!

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Favorite Illustrators

So ever since the introduction of the "recommended shops for you" feature on etsy I've discovered so many new and amazing artists. I'm also receiving a lot more front page clicks from this feature as well, so I hope it's hear to stay. Most of the shops recommended for me are illustrators, ceramic artists and jewelry designers and I'm really surprised how accurate the recommendations are! Here are some of my new favorite and recently discovered illustrators from the past month or so. All of their etsy shops are linked with their names, please go and check them out they are all so talented!

 Emma Block is an illustrator, living and working in London. She loves vintage dresses and beautiful cities. Her first book, Tea and Cake, came out in 2011, and she is just starting on her third children’s book.

Phoebe Wahl is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration. She calls the Pacific Northwest home and is constantly inspired by the beauty in people and nature. She loves to make nests, sew small animals, and get lost in picture books. She is a regular contributor to Taproot magazine. 

 Small Adventure is devoted to creating beautiful (and sometimes silly) objects and illustrated artwork that explore nature, traveling and exciting stories.

A Londoner who studied theatre design and art history before falling into magazine illustration and journalism, I eventually settled in the Canary Islands where I live with my family and other animals in the middle of a banana plantation. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maypenny Farm

My favorite part about doing craft fairs isn’t selling a ton of merchandise at once, or eating the food from the yummy vendors or buying stuff from other sellers. It’s meeting the other vendors. I’ve only done two craft fairs so far during my time as a designer but they have both exposed me to some truly creative individuals and for that, I am grateful.

 Sunday cuddles

The last fair I did was the Fox fair and I met a lovely girl name Reay and she is a farmer! I’m not sure if she prefers this title but in my mind she is one. She and her husband have over 60 chickens on their little farm on Vancouver Island. She takes care of them, collects their eggs and then sells them locally right from her home and at the Victoria Hudson Market. She is also an expert jam craftsman, people were going crazy for her unique and fragrant flavors at the Fox Fair and all her eggs sold out on the first night. I went and found her tumblr account after the fair and was entertained for a good hour by looking at all her chicken photography, she's accumulated quite a heard of chicken fans.
Babies excited for a new bale of straw today #vscocam #chickens #farm

I didn't buy any jam, and the eggs were sold out by the time I could make my way over to her stand but I did get to buy one of these sweet cards. If you watch Portlandia, here's a reminder of the scene that her chicken cards reminded me of.


You can buy your eggs and then take home a little photo/card of the chickens that laid them. I bought five and kept three for myself. Reay knew all the names of the chickens I selected. I love how connected she was to her work.

You can see her amazing tumblr here:

and the Facebook page for Maypenny Farm here:


Dot is the prettiest chicken. (Source.)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Envelope Decorating

I love to decorate the envelopes that I send my orders out in. Getting mail is so much fun and I like to make it a little more special by stamping all of them before they go out. Over the winter break my Mum helped me stamp enough for the whole year. Charlie and Daisy tried to help, but anyone who has ever even been around a cat knows they aren't very helpful.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Charlie and Daisy

Meet Charlie and Daisy!
The Two most sweet, cuddly, playful kitties ever! They were waiting to greet me when I got home to Penticton for winter break. I think I took 1000 photos of them... These are some of my favorites. I just couldn't resist! They are only going to be small for a little while.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boxing day

Hi all,
I forgot to post on here but I'm having a boxing day sale that is good today and tomorrow. The code is:


Very original code. I've also added a "one of a kind" section to my shop where I will be listing items that are one of their own and wont be created. The bird above will be included in this section. You can find that section here: 

Hope everyone is having an amazing christmas so far!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

we're going to be in barneys

Rio wanted to make soap for her Christmas presents this year. We made lavender, cinnamon and vanilla. Rios apartment smelled so incredibly good it was like a dream.